Caawi Walaal To The Rescue

Caawi Walaal's food distribution. 

Caawi Walaal's food distribution. 

“European Union is humbled to see Somalis helping others ravaged by the drought and hails the Caawi Walaal volunteerism efforts.”-Veronique Lorenzo, European Union Ambassador to Somalia.

Caawi Walaal (Help A Sibling/Brethren) is a group of young Somalis that have launched a vigorous campaign to help millions of Somali families suffering from the drought throughout the country. The campaign was organically created in Somalia to raise awareness and funds for the looming famine. Caawi Walaal is led by a diverse group of volunteers in the country and throughout the globe. The group has been able to deliver food and water to remote locations that have either been inaccessible or have yet been supported by NGO’s.  100% of the GoFundMe proceeds raised through #CaawiWalaal campaign has been used to tackle the drought crisis.

Cawi Walaal has also launched crowdsourcing site where Somali's on the ground mark their location and their communities needs. This will also be coupled with listing out the organization that is on the ground nearby for you to support. 

It will take innovative and the support from everyone in the diaspora and humanity in general to raise the nearly 1 Billion needed to combat this crisis before it turns into a devastating famine. #Cawiwalaal is our favorite #FamineResistors and we look forward to hearing more from the great work they have been doing.

Check out their GoFundMe link and please donate generously: