Somali Faces: From Sharing Stories, To Action

Given the critical warning signs that dominated the waves that an impending famine was on the rise in the Horn of Africa, we decided to cease our usual routine and do a special feature on the nomads affected by the sweeping drought. By showcasing their stories, the rest of the world can read their harrowing and personal stories of loss and how it affected them in general. We then decided to run an online fundraiser whilst doing featuring them.

We managed to raise around $61,000 in 8 days and are continue fundraising. Once we started implementing the campaign, we decided to put an emphasis on the remote (out-of-reach) settlements. The reason being is that many of the nomads that whose stories we highlighted mentioned that aid never reaches them. Although our funds and capacity were severely limited given the need, we were impressed at the level of community spirit displayed by the people that we helped thus far. For instance, a supply of food items meant for 60 families was equally shared by 500 families.

It was heart-warming to witness that irrespective of the harsh predicament they are in, their level of compassion and humanity dominated their actions. We have thus far covered four regions (Sool, Sanaag, Togdheer and Bari) and are currently operating in Bay, Bakool, Galgaduud, Hiiraan, Lower Shabelle and Gedo. The more funds we raise, the more affected families we can help. Every penny that we received went to the drought victims that are 100% of all funds collected. Somali Faces pays from their own pockets to manage the logistics involved.

- Mohammed Ibrahim Shire, Somali Faces

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On the right; Mohammed Ibrahim Shire

On the right; Mohammed Ibrahim Shire