Crisis Mapping For Somalia's Drought

In the face of what could be another famine, our group came together to develop an innovative platform to connect drought relief responders and drought victims, so then we created

Our goal is to collect data from a wide range of sources from social media and local contacts. We have established tools and approaches to assess the accuracy and relevance of incoming crowd-sourced reports via text, e-mail, photo, video and social media reports. We then make sure our information published in our mapping system are verified by credible sources.

Getting vital information of what and where the need is at no cost to any relief responders is our part in supporting Somalia at this time. We hope our system can help render aid to all communities faster and more effectively.

If you or anyone you know back home has a report they would like to submit regarding need on the ground or a responder that can support them, please check us out at

- Team Abaaraha.Org